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Friday, August 22, 2008

Malaysian vs Indian

It’s Friday! Yeah! So what am I going to do tomorrow? I don’t know. Boo! It’s the second week I am in Bangalore; and for this week, I am creating a countdown timer for my blog to remind me home is just a few days away… a few ten days away…

Think of it, being a Malaysian is not that bad. We live with different races and cultures; enjoy different foods; having crossed-race marriage; learning to scold people in different languages; know that Nasi Lemak which literally translate to Fat Rice is not a food for people to gain weight; Muruku is not a foul language; and Mooncake is not the cake to celebrate the first guy on the Moon.

The three main races in Malaysia are Malay, Indian and Chinese; we could easily tell from the looks and the skin color; although some are the production of mixed races.

Today, I had a 1-to-1 meet up with an Indian guy on work-related thing. For a few minutes, he was sort of examining me closely as though I came from Mars. For a while, I thought that he was going to cut me up to check what flows inside of me. This is the most common reaction when I go strolling outside my hotel. Everyone looks at me like I am naked or what, which I am sure I am not. Some even studies my skin like there is a way to dye it yellow…. Hey wait, there is! But on condition, you need to become a girl from a guy in the end and only limited to white skin.

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