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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hotel Laundry Service Result

Today, there are exceptionally less car. Not sure whether my driver is smarter on the road or less people working on Friday, but for sure, this car smells! Still work late and sleep late, so looking towards tomorrow for a longer rest time. Just try to tell my body not to get sick.

As I said yesterday, I sent my laundry for cleaning because it was raining heavily and flooding everywhere these past few days. So I have no choice but using my hotel laundry service. I sent them out in the morning when I went to work and received them in the evening when I returned. It was delivered in a basket (the one you always find in Malaysia bakery store) and wrapped in a plain white clothes (which at first I thought was for wiping my tears after realizing the actual price).

The good thing about the delivery was that they don’t send the receipt to you, so that you would not get heart-attack when staying with them; maybe after you stay with them and check out from the hotel.

*At this point of the time, my driver just scolded a car, waving and shaking his fist. Didn’t see any ‘international hand sign” yet. But his scolding was like 2 minutes long Might be Bangalore longest Kannada foul-language. Who knows!*

Okay, back to my laundry.

Unwrapping my clothing basket, my nicely folded clothes could be found individually labeled with the hotel logo. Anyway, I still could not understand why it was so expensive. The clothes were not perfumed at all and some tougher stains were not removed. I guess I still rather go back to my regular laundry shop.


Lion in the Jungle said...

wah your laundry so cute one ar? still got 'strip' somemore?

AsX said...

Yup, I guess the process is called 'stripping'?