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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bangalore Plastic Waste Road

I started to love the weekend over here because I could sleep as long as I liked. Knowing where I could get some food, I was less worried waking up late and missing breakfast.

The current problems with Bangalore are Power cuts and floods. I could be working on my stuff and suddenly there was this power cut that killed everything. That’s why I didn’t blog yesterday evening.

As for the flood, when rain came for 10 minutes, you could start diving at Bangalore roads after that.

Today I chose a different route to Brigade Road, a route that I don’t get myself wet. I didn’t know the name of the road but it was written as Plastic Waste Road, not a bad solution to plastic, but really bad on naming the road – they could name it Eco Road, Plastic Road, and Green road. Imagine, if one day they find a way to recycle cow’s dung to make the road, don’t tell me they are going to call Bullsh*t Road?

At the side of the road are actually army’s bases.

One particular sign caught my eye – Officers’ mess.

Because of the road name, I at first thought it was a luxury toilet for the officers’ until I looked up in google and realized that I was wrong.

By the end of the road there was a sign only for the traffic police, telling them where they should go.

Anyway, today’s newspaper agreed with me, Bangalore is really a stressful place!

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