10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

As X

Yo! Thanks for looking here! For confidentiality purpose just call me X, but since I don’t want to link myself to a porn site ( I last time thought XXX is a porn movie), so call me Asx - it sound like X, and it has the initial from my real name, and my blogging life starts now with me as X.

But My Spoilt Mind Says....

XXX = Porn?

Vin Diesel = Porn Star? (Hey he is not that famous yet)

Director and Producer of The Fast and Furious or it means "The FAST and FURIOUS" (please dun search this title online)?

The slogan which is saying a new bread of secret agent or "Secret Agent" (No, don't search this too)

Confusing Right? For me it is.


Gaban said...

Yo Ass!....waaaaazzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

asx said...

Hmmm, dun think any children will watch my blog so.... Yo, WaaaaaASSup!