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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monica Lewinsky In Lan-dry Business?

Wow, today a Toyota Corolla came to pick me up! Although it is not impressive for Malaysian but according to my booking list, it was range 3 car, meaning more expensive car as compared to my usual Ford Ikon (Range 1) and occasionally Toyota Innova Range 2). It is more comfortable and spacious, so traffic jam? No problem, I can sleep here!

Too busy over here, so a short one:

Do you still remember this news about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky White House adventure?

Apparently someone in Bangalore who knows Hokkien used this news to advertise his laundry business.

Or maybe it was just a simple spelling mistake?

Monika should be Monica!


Lion in the Jungle said...

Maybe they do have a MoniKa back there specialise in doing 'Lan"dry ler? you never know....

AsX said...

Ya, i better check up tat shop, maybe it is not laundry at all...