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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laundry Service

It’s another day where I have difficulties waking up. Looking at my last entry yesterday, I realize that sometimes we do expect a lot of things. This lead to over-expectation and less surprises; sometimes it also leads to emotional break down or stress on certain matter. For some cases, this is the accumulative cause of couples breaking up.

Laundry service in my hotel is really expensive. Look at the price below, washing my undergarment would cost me 80 rupee (around RM6.30), not to mention other clothing. With this price, I could be getting a new and descent one!

I’m thinking maybe they are using branded mineral water to wash my clothes or maybe through some special process like – sterilizing, re-coloring, perfuming, softening, finally washing and drying!

I think if one day I am too busy to send my clothes to nearby shop for washing, I might be wearing the same underwear for 4 days before sending it for laundry service:

Day 1: Wear it normally
Day 2: Switch it from back to front
Day 3: Flip it inside out
Day 4: Switch the flipped underwear.

Maybe, by that time the hotel would compensate a new one for me – beyond washable!


Lion in the Jungle said...

Was Wondering if they are washing with tap water will you get rashes or even lao sai??

asx said...

Hey, my clothes are washed with tap water, i'm still okay. If they are washing with mineral water, they are assuming we eat our clothes... hold on.... can we?