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Sunday, August 24, 2008

McDonald India

Today is the first time I woke up late and missed breakfast; because I was working on some tasks last night until 5am. The 3rd hotel bill had just arrived and again I settled them happily. I guess I would need to find some time to file them.

I was hungry so the first place I knew to get cheaper food was again Brigade Road. So again I headed to Brigade Road. Sunday was usually a traffic free day but not for the auto-rickshaw drivers, still offering service and some even knew where I lived and remembered that I was around this area yesterday. Creepy! Anyway, a tip for tourists and visitors who are traveling in this city and want to avoid auto-rickshaw cum taxi drivers, try to walk against the traffic.

Yesterday I had KFC, so today I aimed for McDonald –“I’m loving it”…I hope. When ordering, one particular set caught my eye , Chicken Maharaja Mac; WOW, the name itself seemed beat Malaysia’s Big Mac! Who knows I might feel like a King when I eat it.

So, let’s see what I got – Burger, French Fries and Cola for 127 Rupee (about RM10).

Un-wrapping the wrapping revealed a burger with orange crown! Does that means I should wear it on top of my head when eating it to get the feel of a king?

De-crowning the orange crown showed a poorly-decorated burger, the person preparing this burger must had hated his job! Or me!

Okay, don’t judge the book by its cover, so let me taste it. It did not taste like chicken at all! It tasted like a meat heavily-enriched with sate and curry sauce. Bangalore is a place without rats roaming around so I guess was still chicken; or this theory worked another way round?

The specialty of McDonald is that they love to localize their food; meaning the food is usually prepared to suit the locals. So, understandably it would not suit me.

Finishing my meal, I wondered how would Ronald McDonald looked like in India. I seemed to miss him on my way in. Well, it is the same…

…instead of like this:


Falcon said...

MAHARAJA MAC...I'm Suprised..LOL...

munytang said...

hi, you paint an interesting picture on bangalore. I'm a penangite working and living here for 20months now, also for company that's based in penang. I think the people are not looking at u differently because of skin color, cause i notice alot of north indians in bangalore that are similar to Chinese.
Ping me if you wanna meet up. cheers.

asx said...

Munytang, just according to my point of view. Actually i looked a bit like those Chinese from China or Japanese; so easily being recognized as a foreigner.

asx said...

falcon, next time u come and try it and see if you'll feel like a king or not.

munytang said...

asx, no worries. that's what i was told by my colleagues. lol. there's actually alot of koreans near where I am. But yeah, i did have the same feeling as you when I first got here.

asx said...

Munytang, Korean? Meaning Asian? Hey that's cool! It's really hard to find one here!