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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bangalore Indians!

2 weeks from now, I shall be on my way to the airport! Now I am making it sound like these 14 days are so easy to get-by. Let’s hope it is….

Bangalore is a cool city but not dry. When you went out strolling in the city, you could actually feel the cool breeze although it is dusty; and sometimes smelly; and occasionally smell like urine. It was not cold. But everywhere I go people are wearing collared shirt with long sleeves. Is the latest trend in Bangalore?

Strangely, sometimes I see people in clothes that look like bath-robe…

Pirated DVD seems legal here because I saw a policeman standing just a few feet away from his business ground.

According to the latest statistic, India hosts one third of the world poorest people. The report says that 40% of the Indian families live with less than US$2 per day. So, wherever you go, you could clearly see the whole family sleeping by the sidewalk. It is really a sad sight and whenever they extend their hands asking for money, I really feel like giving to them. But hotel advises me against this. The reason is that this will encourage more beggars within the area and since I am always strolling nearby, crowds of beggar might follow me around asking for money instead.

So, beggars or auto-rickshaw drivers? Who do I want to follow me around?

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