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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Meaning of Chinese New Year For Me

Usually when asked by people whether I celebrate Chinese New Year, I would say no. The next question would usually be, “Are you a Christian or Muslim?”


Some people thought that Chinese New Year is a religion-based celebration where it actually is ethnic-based.  I guess in Malaysia with so many races and religions around people tend to get confused. Take for example, I was scolded by a guy (Indian-Muslim) for publishing a sport report stating he was an Indian because he was a Muslim. 

He thought that ‘Indian’ was a religion and not a race! But I respect his feedback and for sure apologized.


So, in short, Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese regardless of any religion. As for me, the reason is that all my siblings are not in Kuching anymore – My brother and I are in Penang while my youngest brother is in Australia. So every Chinese New Year, we would meet at Genting KL.


Although there is no friend and relative visiting as well as open house for visiting guests, like the Chinese New year I had 5 years ago when all my siblings still in Kuching; the true meaning of this occasion is still there - every family members from near or far getting together. One good thing is that now we could gamble legally in Genting…. Weee!

 So, the schedule for this year Chinese New Year is:

Chinese New Year


First Day – Third Day

Genting Highland

Fourth Day

Penang Tour

Fifth Day

Penang Cruise

As for the preparation, I think I have done most of the important parts:

  • Car Service and Repair – Checked
  • Penang Hotel Booking – Checked
  • Penang Cruise Booking – Checked
  • Chinese New Year Shopping – Nope (Need to find someone accompany me because my fashion taste sometimes sucks)
  • Haircut – Nope (Will sneak out for a haircut within this week)
  • Chinese New Year Eve Event – Nope (Probably I will cook. My cooking is better than some girls, trust me!)


So, looking forward to a Happy Ox Year! By the way, if your house is open for visiting (along KL to Penang route; or anywhere in Penang), let me know, I might drop by. J


Ah Hoong said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I love CNY.

Here’s a nice greeeting card for you, just click link below and then click picture to see the red cow greeting :)


AsX said...

Oh thx a lot!

renaye said...

happy chinese new year!