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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Theory Behind Slot Machine @ Genting Casino

Because of some words bothering me, I was unable to fall asleep last night. Therefore, at around 1.30am my brother and I went visiting the casino.


Need to blame it on my ‘Profession Disease’ (职业病, meaning you tend to practice what your profession required you to do on non-working hours or period), we ended up studying how the random features on linked slot machines in Genting Casino worked. 

For those who never play a slot machine before, it was considered as a gambling machine where when you pressed a button the reels spun and if you were lucky enough, some of the symbols of the reels matched and you would be getting the payout accordingly. Linked slot machines were like normal slot machines but they were sort of connected to the same network, where some random features (jackpots or any special features) would commence on any slot machine by random.


How these random features triggered? It seemed like there was a limit set on the network. If accumulatively all linked slot machines total betting reached that limit, the first machine that crossed the limit would entitle to special feature.


Don’t get it? Let me paint the scenario for you. If the current accumulative bet is RM978; whereas the limit is RM1,000, slot machine 1 till 7 are betting RM1 per spin while a rich guy on machine 8 is having RM20 per spin. Here are the scenarios:

  1. If machine 8 bet first (total RM998), followed by machine 1 (total RM999)then machine 6 (total RM1000, limit reached); the one who entitled the special feature would be machine 6
  2. If machine 1 till 7 bet first (total RM986) then followed by machine 8 (total RM1006, limit reached); the one who entitled the special feature would be machine 8.
  3. If machine 8 is dreaming and not spinning at all, while machine 1 till 7 spin twice; then the first machine which crosses the limit will have the special feature.


Get it now?


Some might ask why special feature is important? The reason is that it guarantees some winning be it large or small.


Some information on individual slot machine

Usually there are ‘Free Game’ features on the slot machine, where when it is triggered you would be having free spins with better or higher payout. I observed that it really depends on luck but always remember this, the more spins you made the higher chances of you getting the feature. So, I always wait for the guy who lost a lot leaving the slot machine and then try my luck.


Good luck for those who gamble during this Chinese New Year! Remember that it is just a source of entertainment, a practice for you to have excitement in life or a practice to keep your mind away from the problem you are facing. 

Don’t make gambling a habit; remember the money spent could be use for better purpose! But if you have some winnings to share or you are a pretty girl and have problem quitting, please look for me at 01644305XX. 

Just kidding! But please gamble responsibly!

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