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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Decision is Don’t Give Up

I remembered there was once when I was in Form 6, while waiting for my application to university being approved.  Form 6 was really tough so I always admire those who managed to finish it no matter how much they scored for their public exam.


After a few weeks of studying, I voiced to my Dad that I planned to give up Form 6 because I had confident that my application to university will be approved. But my Dad stopped me, saying that quitting half way was not the way to do things. I should appreciate the time and opportunity to keep on studying, at least till the day my application got approved.


So, I braced myself, kept my chin up and kept on studying till the day, I finally received the university offer letter on my hand. I did learn something useful, and experience the life in Form 6; therefore my respect grew for those who manage to get through.


Looking back at my previous entry, I think I love her too much till I became too sensitive about everything. Whether some happening was intentional or not, if I put less love on her and treat it just like a normal friend, the hurting would be much less; at least it is just a game; why I beat up myself so much on how it was played. Although it would take some times to make it from love to just friendship, I would try my best as I had promise my friend that I should change my perspective. And I better do it so that I would not lose a close friend in the future.


Sorry for the commotion that I had caused this few days, I guessed I had too much in my mind and too much incident around to make me lose control of my judgment and emotion. Please remember to remind me if I overdid thing.


Gunner, thanks for purposely putting your comment into a blog, really appreciate your time in writing it. As for the Anonymous who commented, thanks for the encouragement!


So, Volleyball, my friend, see you in court!


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome my friend.

Just give it ur best shot, learn & improve on ur game. Even if u can't b the superstar to 'her', u cud still enjoy being there in a supporting role.


AsX said...

Thanks, man! Still not aiming to be a superstar, a supporting role will do. Cheers!

Lion in the Jungle said...

Bro, it's just like dancing like sometimes i get really bad comment also. it crushes my pride n ego at times.. but take it lightly.

For me it serves as rooms for improvement. And anyways it's just a freaking game/dance... so just enjoy...since we don't aim for international competition, so have relax n have fun...

Lai *sayang sayang hahahahaah

AsX said...

Lion, couldn't agree more. Take it lightly...

So how many foot have u accidentally step on?